February 23, 2007

How To Get Great Ideas

Scene from a brainstorm session. After the first wave of ideas have been pitched in, Raul looks at the suits in the room...

Raul: We have great ideas here. Now go do your thing first. Creatives will talk amongst themselves. Magma-marijuana muna kami at mananaginip. Tapos magkita na lang tayo ulit. Kami na bahala. Basta may dala na kaming mga idea.

The creatives get the joke. Some of the suits don't. Uncomfortable silence. They're not sure whether Raul is serious or just dicking around.

Raul: Bakit? Wala bang nagbebenta ng marijuana dito sa McCann?

February 20, 2007

The Package

While waiting for a meeting to start...

Creative 1: Sir Raul, ito nga pala si [Creative 2]
Raul: Ah ikaw pala yung [Creative 2] sa org chart! Napansin ko kasi na ikaw lang ang writer sa team mo. Emergency yan!
Creative 2: (grins sheepishly) Two years na pong ganyan.
Creative 1: Ah sir, sabi din ni [Creative 2], pakitingin po yung package niya.
Raul: (caught off-guard) Ha? Anong package? Anong ibig mong sabihin?
Creative 1: Yung package niya. Alam mo na. Yung package.
Raul: (incredulous) Ha? Ano nga? Anong package niya?

At this point, the peanut gallery breaks into maniacal laughter.

Raul: Linawin niyo kasi kung anong package yan!

February 19, 2007