June 25, 2007

Ano Raw?

Scene: Raul, back when he was a newbie, was presenting to a difficult and particularly ugly junior-level client. So there he was showing the storyboard when the client looks underneath the storyboard (as if searching for something missing) and nonchalantly tells him:

Client From Hell: Ano ito? I don't like it. This is not fashion.
Raul: (trying to be polite) Anong ibig mong sabihin? Ano ba ang fashion para sa iyo?
Client From Hell: I'll know it when I see it.
Raul: (figuring he has nothing much to lose since he's still being paid a pittance) I know you'll fire me for saying this, but I just have to say this: Hindi ahensiya ang kailangan niyo.

(looks at Client From Hell) Ang kailangan mo, manghuhula. (pauses) And while you're at it...salon!

Raul then walks out of the room.

Ika nga ng sineng Temptation Island...Bitch! Double bitch!


Socky said...

At long last, may post ulit! And I like your new subhead:"...because he reminds us of the value of having a sense of humor!"

If I need a good laugh, I read this blog. Dahil dito sa industry natin na kung saan kaybilis ng burn-out, kailangang halakhakan na lang ang mga cliente, katrabaho at lalo na ang sarili ko!

Hope you're having as much fun keeping this blog alive.

Dual Action Blender said...

+1 on socky's comment. Raulisms have always been a source of entertainment for many in the industry.

Can't wait to read the next.

Anonymous said...

Pasensiya na kung matagal ang pag-update. Nalunod kaming lahat sa trabaho! Babawi po kami.

cyndayco said...

He was being paid a pittance? Uy, malaki na ang P2500 in 1987.

Dual Action Blender said...

What was the exchange rate back then? And was that net or gross?

Anonymous said...

Was it P6 or P7 to the dollar in 1987? OFW magulang ko nun at yun naaalala kong exchange rate,or P15 ba? Ah ewan basta tama malaki na ang P2,500 noon kasi budget ng nanay ko sa pamilya namin P5,000. Buhay hari ka na sa ganung budget noong mga panahong ganun. (Well, that's relative considering nanay ko'y Ilokana. As Raul's most memorable campaign says, "Wais" kasi ang nanay ko.)