June 24, 2007

McCann's Next Top Creative

Context: Recently, Raul and the rest of the big kahunas have been discussing who the next ECD will be.

Raul: Ano nga ba ang role ngayon ng isang ECD?
Big Kahuna: Leadership, especially in front of clients. Handholding and motivation.
Raul: Ah, then we need someone who cast a giant shadow over clients. Someone they will respect!
Big Kahuna: Agree. Sino kaya?
Raul: Sino nga kaya? Hmmm. Alam ko na!
Big Kahuna: Sino naisip mo?
Raul: The next ECD of McCann is...Cory Aquino! Isipin mo yun. Walang babastos sa kanya. At magaling mag-inspire! Yun nga lang, laging nakadilaw.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Hilarious. Only a quirky mind can blurt out Cory Aquino as a possible ECD. Keep up the "Raulisms," McCannites! (MacCanners? McCannoids? How do you call yourselves anyway?)

Dual Action Blender said...

McCannese? Would also be hilarious if blogs could have audio streaming. Am such a noob here. To have heard Raul do a Cory impression.